Online Trading

Wealthcity will enable you to trade in the Indian stock markets using advanced trading platforms.


• Execute buy and sell orders.
• Analyze share prices using various methods.
• Monitor portfolio and transaction details and summary.
• Monitor outstanding orders.
• Monitor account balance.
• Monitor share price fluctuations.
• Construct watch lists of your favorite stocks

Quick Trading:

Quick Trading is a feature that enables you to handle all or group of the orders at the same time. You may also deal with the portfolio contents as a whole.  Quick Trading enables you to do any of the following:

• Group cancel all your buy orders
• Group cancel all your sell orders
• Group cancel part of your buy orders
• Group cancel part of your sell orders
• Liquidate all of your portfolio
• Liquidate part of your portfolio

Conditional Orders:

Conditional Orders can be used to limit your risks in a highly volatile market. The Orders are mainly composed of items and conditions. The execution of these orders will be based on a condition or a set of user-defined conditions. Through Conditional Orders you can archive or reuse the plan you created and decide the exact time when it comes to action.