Wealth City is your one stop destination for all your Shariah based financial needs. We take extreme care to provide you with quality financial services. We, at WealthCity, believe that client’s success is our success. Below listed are our services:


WealthCity will enable you to conduct trading activities in the stock exchanges. Clients can utilize the opportunities that arise from the Indian stock markets using state-of-the-art technologies. We will ensure that all selected stocks are shariah-compliant.

Our Brokerage services include:

  • Online Trading.
  • Commodities Trading.
  • Phone Trading.
  • IPO subscription.

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Stocks or equity are similar to partnerships. Stocks help you to participate and profit from the success of a business with solid growth potentials. Shariah law promotes equity based activities to conduct businesses more than any other modes such as debt. Hence, investing in equity markets is recognized as a Shariah compliant business activity by renowned Shariah scholars, worldwide.

Our primary goal is to help you increase your ownership in shariah compliant and profitable productive assets in the form of equity. Wealthcity is a sub-broker with Broker and provides a high-end platform to trade in Shariah compliant stocks on BSE and NSE. We advise our clients on the following:

  • Stock selection strategies based on our shariah screening methodology
  • Initial Public Offerings or IPOs
  • When to Buy/Sell Stocks?
  • Dividend income purification (?)

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Mutual funds (MFs)

If you feel that investing in stocks is risky and not your domain but still wish to take part in the stock markets indirectly, then Mutual funds are the place to look for. Mutual funds are portfolios of stocks and/or bonds managed by experienced fund managers. They offer diversification, optimum returns and are regulated by governing bodies like SEBI. A shariah investor should look for equity-only funds, or equities and commodities, as bonds are non-shariah compliant due to the interest factor. The various equity fund types would be index funds, sector funds, growth funds, infrastructure funds etc.

Wealthcity can help you to select and invest with some of the major shariah compliant mutual funds in India.

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Gold and Silver

Stocks remain the best bet for wealth creation, albeit risky. To offset that risk, Islamic investors in India can diversify their portfolios by including gold and silver besides equity.

Wealthcity can help you to set up related accounts for trading in Gold, Silver and Copper. We will also advise on when to buy and sell.

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Shariah Tax Savings

Save tax – the Shariah way. Wealthcity, along with its partners, will help you to undertake investments in shariah compliant tax saving funds.  The funds will invest only in Shariah compliant listed firms and the investments are tax exempted under 80C. A notable point about one of the fund is that, it gave a 97% return within 8 months of its inception.

You can make payments in a periodic basis ranging from monthly to annually via cheque, Demand draft, Auto-debit facility etc.

Shariah Corporate Advisory

We also advise corporate on various matters pertaining to Islamic finance and can assist you with:

  • Shariah Compliance for Financial Transactions
  • Shariah Compliance for Funds (including structure, stock screening, financial ratios, purification and general guidelines)
  • Product Innovation & Development