Oman Islamic Economic Forum in Dec

MUSCAT — A two-day Oman Islamic Economic Forum will be held on December 17 at Al Bustan Palace Hotel. The forum is organised by Amjad Group of Companies.

The forum aims at defining the steps needed by the Sultanate to develop its capabilities in the Islamic finance, Takaful finance and the factors in relation to the social responsibility in the Islamic finance sector.

The forum will take part in presenting proposals for forming an organisational frame for the Islamic finance sector that would consequently help in promoting and consolidating the Sultanate’s economic power.

The forum also aims at finding out and highlighting several significant issues in relation to the organisational challenges confronting the attraction of the Islamic finance and effective model of the Islamic banking business in Oman.

In addition to the current issues in the Islamic law concerning the Islamic finance, economic development, role of Zakat and the corporate social responsibility of the companies.

The Oman Islamic Economic forum would attract experts from the Islamic finance sector, academicians, businessmen, decision makers from inside and outside Oman for discussing significant issues in Islamic finance and other relevant issues in the Islamic broad economic system.

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