KFH receives student delegation from UCLA to demonstrate Islamic banking

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) received an American delegation from UCLA University. The students met several KFH officials from various sectors, and a lecture was organized for the students to familiarize them with KFH’s long experience in Islamic banking, in addition to its achievements and contributions to the markets it operates in.

The students were also introduced to the differences between Islamic and conventional banking, Islamic services and products, and the outstanding success Islamic banking has achieved during the past few years.


The lecture was attended by Chairman of Liquidity Management House (LMH) Emad Al-Menaie, Deputy Manager of Public Relations and Marketing Department Saeed Tawfiqi, Nasser Al-Sanoussi, and Khaled Al-Otaibi.


The delegation is in Kuwait to discover Kuwait and its history, and to enrich their knowledge regarding various economic and commercial activities. It is worth noting that KFH is considered to be one of the most prestigious Islamic institutions in the region.


Moreover, Al-Menaie talked about the accomplishments made by LMH in Kuwait and overseas, including many issuances for international institutions, not to mention financing governments through Sukuk, such as the governments of Dubai and Ras Al-Khaima, and a German province.


He also discussed the Sukuk market and the growing demand that this market is witnessing by governmental and private institutions, in addition to pointing out KFH’s collaboration with other Islamic institutions.


Furthermore, Tawfiqi spoke about KFH’s history since it was established in 1978, in addition to its most significant milestones.


He revealed that KFH managed to make many local accomplishments, which served as a platform to launch KFH overseas. He applauded the initiative taken by the American students to communicate with their Kuwaiti counterparts, in addition to familiarizing themselves with Kuwaiti institutions and culture.


Al-Sanoussi talked about the Commercial Sector at KFH and its role in serving the society, in addition to its advantages and added value it offers to the market compared to similar activities of other banks. He noted that KFH is a pioneer in the consumer financing market in Kuwait. He went on to mention Islamic financing tools that include Murabaha, Ijara, and others, and highlighted Shuweikh cars showroom that managed to collect numerous agencies in one place.


The students interacted with KFH officials and asked about the methods and mechanisms followed in Islamic banking. They also praised KFH and its hospitality.


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