Islamic or conventional banking

Companies in Bahrain and Bangladesh now have the option to use products based on Islamic or conventional banking at HSBC.

This is because, through the HSBC launched the HSBC Amanah products and services to meet the needs of corporate banking in these countries began earlier this month.Among the products introduced in Bahrain is a business account, investment solutions, working capital and trade finance.

Islamic or conventional banking

Islamic or conventional banking

Chief Executive Officer of HSBC Bahrain, Patrick Gallagher said the bank has introduced a conventional banking in the country since 1945.

”As one of Bahrain as an Islamic financial center in the world and has been strong demand for Islamic banking, we have embarked on the retail banking of HSBC Amanah in 2008.

Service”is being extended for Islamic banking products,”he said in a statement here today.

HSBC will also open a similar operation in Bangladesh this month, also provides a range of Shariah-based products.

Among them is the current account, short-term deposits, investments, financing, Internet banking services, foreign exchange, import and service assurance solutions.

HSBC Amanah is the first international bank providing Islamic products and services for retail and corporate customers.

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