Islamic council distributes $850,000 to needy Muslim families

The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) has distributed more that $850,000 to 2,210 needy families under its assistance scheme, known as the zakat fund.

This year, each family received an extra 1.7 times the usual amount they get from the Muis zakat fund each month to help cope with living expenses, reported The Straits Times.

From the total amount, $206,010 was allotted to families with children who are schooling. This is called the reqab bonus.

The reqab bonus, which was introduced two years ago, is an extra amount given to these families to cope with the costs of textbooks and learning programmes.

The Straits Times said that this year, one-third of the families received between $100 and $300 of bonus, half the families received between $300 and $500 extra, and the remaining families received more than $500 extra.

Last year, only 1,890 families were eligible to receive the bonus from Muis.

Muis announced that five families have graduated from its Empowerment Partnership Scheme and will no longer receive monthly financial aid from the council as they are now able to cope with their own expenses.

The council aims to help more than 140 families graduate from the scheme by December 2012.