Noor Islamic Bank launches structured investment products

Noor Islamic Bank has launched two structured wealth management investment products, which offer clients an exposure to a diverse range of asset classes while minimising their risk through one structured deposit. The new products allow clients to invest in precious metals, currencies, equities, energy and agricultural commodities, with 100 per cent capital protection.

Noor Islamic Bank launches structured investment products

Hussain AlQemzi, Chief Executive Officer, Noor Investment Group and Chief Executive Officer, Noor Islamic Bank said, “We do not recognise that clients need to compromise on their investments because they want it to be Shari’ah-compliant. These two products fill a gap in the Shari’ah-compliant investment space and provide clients the opportunity to benefit from the upside of investment cycles.”

The Hybrid Pick and Drop Structure is designed for conservative to moderate risk clients, who want exposure to diverse range of opportunities without risk to capital. Features of the product include:

  • 100% capital protected three-year investment
  • Investment in diversified asset classes
  • Best performing asset class is picked and dropped from further calculations every six months.

John Chang, Head of Retail Banking at Noor said, “The Hybrid Pick and Drop Structure is the perfect way for clients to invest in financial markets and participate in their growth, while having the security of 100 per cent capital protection. This unique product is a good tool for allowing clients to take advantage of investment cycles and opportunities. It demonstrates our ability to provide exceptional value to investors.”

The GCC Volatility Cap structure has been designed to appeal to both moderate and aggressive investment risk clients. It offers:

  • GCC market access without downside risk
  • A diversified portfolio of underlying stocks across different markets and sectors

Chang said, “This product is unique in the way that it tracks the volatility of the underlying equities basket. If the set benchmark is breached the exposure to equities is trimmed and moved to Murabaha equivalent investments. This is a very innovative way for our clients to invest in equities, with the added benefit of 100 per cent capital protection.”