Auto financing in Islamic Banking

Current Scenario: The automotive industry is primarily in the United States is well into a downward spiral, and no one has any idea what’s in this sector of Serbia. The same trend is also evident in other parts of the world, including Japan significantly. With the biggest names in the automotive world like General Motors, Toyota and GM Sun does not stop bleeding I think it’s someone for how long the venerable auto industry is able to take a stand against the elements of the market.

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Time Deals: For the consumer, but especially those looking for a good deal, has brought many opportunities to ask! This is perhaps the best time to get the iron can be taken to buy a car!And there are a number of financing options available to make this dreamcar will be parked in the garage to you!

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The Islamic option: In this article we take a look at the option of Islamic finance for the purchase of an auto financing for the purchase.Cars> in Islamic banking is done under the contract “murabaha”. In short, this is a cost plus profit contract. Continue reading