Barwa Bank offering three-year, capital protected Islamic notes

Barwa Bank offering three-year, capital protected Islamic notes

Barwa Bank is offering a “unique” Shariah-compliant three-year capital protected notes linked to the Turkey and Indonesia equity markets until June 21.

“The Turkey Indonesia Equity Capital Protected Note is an investment opportunity for investors seeking potentially higher returns with 100% capital protection.

The growth is based on the performance of a selected basket of stocks in two high growth emerging markets- Indonesia and Turkey.

The investor will receive at maturity, 100% of his/her initial investment plus an indicative 80% of the positive performance (semi-annual average) of the underlying basket of stocks,” Barwa Bank said.
The minimum investment required is $25,000. The Turkey Indonesia Equity Capital Protected Notes are issued by Morgan Stanley

The note is a fixed term investment, so the investor should be prepared to hold their investment for the full three year term.

The offer may close earlier (than June 21) if oversubscribed, the bank said.

Applications for the capital protected notes can be obtained at any Barwa Bank branch in the country.
Barwa Bank head (private banking) Aicha Meddah said: “This is a great opportunity to invest in the growth of two rapidly growing markets – Turkey and Indonesia, while receiving 100% capital protection over the next three years, a continuing priority for many investors.

“A key advantage compared to other capital protected products is the volatility controlled strategy and the provision for periodic re-balancing.”

Barwa Bank head (Retail) Hussain al-Abdullah said, “The Turkey Indonesia note reflects Barwa Bank’s strategy of providing customer driven wealth management solutions.

“Together with this investment opportunity and other initiatives, we are presenting wide a range of banking and investment products that meet our customers’ financial needs in accordance with Shariah.”