Capinnova key sponsor

MANAMA: Capinnova Investment Bank, the Sharia compliant investment banking arm of BBK, has confirmed its partnership at the seventh Annual World Islamic Funds and Financial Markets Conference (WIFFMC 2011) as a Gold Strategic Partner.

WIFFMC 2011, the world’s most influential and pre-eminent gathering of leaders in the global Islamic funds and investments industry, will be held on September 26 and 27 at the Gulf Hotel in Bahrain.

Held in strategic partnership with the Central Bank of Bahrain, the WIFFMC 2011 will see key regulators, industry players and thought leaders engage in critical discussions that will focus on achieving international scale and creating a vibrant Islamic financial market and re-invigorating the Islamic investments industry.

“We at Capinnova Investment Bank are delighted to be the Gold Strategic Partners for the seventh Annual World Islamic Funds and Financial Markets Conference in Bahrain,” said Capinnova chief executive officer Jamal Hijres.

“We are confident about the Islamic finance industry’s future and Bahrain will continue to be one of the leading financial centre in the region due to the efficient regulatory policies adopted by the sector.

“A platform such as this enables the top experts in the industry to come together and propel the industry forward,” he added.

“Bahrain remains a popular destination for foreign investors on account of its established regulatory practices, transparency and adherence to international standards,” he said.

“There are several opportunities to be tapped within the country to secure good returns and long-term sustainability and forums such as this will ensure that we capitalise on these opportunities,” he added

WIFFMC 2011 is set to gather more than 400 global leaders in the international Sharia- compliant investments industry to engage in critical discussions that will seek to re-ignite growth in the Islamic funds and investments markets.