INDONESIA – FINANCE – 75% of fund Management of Islamic Hajj

Jakarta (11 / 7) – Dana pilgrims who are in government now began a dominant run by sharia. The data was recorded last June was 75% of the funds contained in the existing Hajj Islamic instruments.
Director of the Ministry of Religious Pilgrimage Fund Management, Drs.H. Achmad Djunaidi revealed that the greatest pilgrimage funds contained in sukuk. “Now 75 percent of the sharia, 25 percent in conventional banks.

Most of the funds contained in the sukuk about 60 percent, “he said. (source – google translate) When asked why not one hundred percent of funds managed Islamic hajj?

He replied that his side are now being herded all funds pilgrimage to the Islamic instruments. “The funds are being directed to it, is now 75 percent have not previously exist,” he said. He believes the future pilgrim fund will be managed entirely by sharia. “Muslims will certainly choose the sharia,” he said. Meanwhile for the Islamic banks alone, now there are some who have been part of 26 Beneficiary Bank Deposit (CPM) Cost of Operation of Hajj (BPIH).

Among them are Islamic banks Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) Syariah, Bank Syariah Mandiri, Bank Bukopin Syariah, Bank Muamalat, Bank Mega Syariah, the State Savings Bank (BTN) Sharia and Islamic Bank of West Java. Continue reading