Halal industry 'must make strategic global acquisitions'

Dubai: With Ramadan well under way, the development of the halal food industry in terms of financing and brand-building has assumed importance.

This year, Al Islami Foods has launched the ‘Shine This Ramadan’ promotional campaign to create awareness about various aspects of halal slaughter.

Gulf News speaks to Saleh Abdullah Lootah, managing director of Al Islami Foods about the halal industry in the UAE and the wider Arab world.

Gulf News: The halal industry always seems to emphasise emotive terms such as trust, integrity and cleanliness, why are these concepts so important?

Saleh Lootah: The objective of the halal industry is to highlight not only the importance of halal in terms of Sharia, but also emphasise the other benefits of halal, including from a hygiene and health perspective. From farm to fork, halal is simply better meat, free from bacteria, blood and tender. So the true benefits to consumers that we are trying to highlight go further than the religious aspect. Continue reading