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Most people still ignore the existence of insurance. Also, if the type of work do not have a big risk, such as accidents or death. Plus more news not gone sour on insurance, such as: filing an application, the money was deposited charred when process participants are unable to pay a premium in the agreement, the amount of the refund is less than prizes that have been filed, or any other that is considered detrimental to the uncertainties of the participants of the insurance.

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However, it has now been present of Islamic insurance which is based on the principle of help as well as much of the riba and the uncertainty that has banned the religion.

Through this Islamic insurance, participants can invest a portion of their wealth without worrying about charred if subjected to constraints of the payment of the premium each month. When the agreement is concluded, participants will receive a refund of amounts exceeding the amount of the premiums that have been deposited since it uses the principle for the results. The Islamic insurance also manages a fund enters in a way that is lawful and invested in the company of Sharia compliant.

The development of the value of savings and for the results to the right of participants will be reported every month because they adhere to the principle of transparency. Join the Islamic insurance makes life more quiet, good in the world and the hereafter.

The primacy of Islamic insurance Investing in Shariah-compliant insurance more profitable than saving money in the Bank. The real story occurred to a participant a Shariah-compliant insurance. He signed a 1 year old son to a Shariah-compliant insurance costs to prepare for the next 10 years.

 Just pay a prize in the third, his son was ill and had to be taken by photography. In fact, are a vacation out of town. Incidentally, the city’s large hospitals are indicated for the insurance. He has just delivered the insureds for the administration of the hospital and focused for the healing of the son.

Five days later, his son was allowed to return home. That surprise him when the administration of the hospital informed him that the total cost of RS of 4.2 million rupees had been imposed on all sides of Islamic insurance. In fact, the total premiums that he setorkan the new insurer of 900 million rupees (3 x 300 thousand rupees). Compare if the money is he tabungkan to the Bank, of course, just might take some 900 thousand rupees (or less) and have to find extra money to complete the rest until the reached number 4.2 million rupee. Benefits of joining Islamic insurance clearly evident here. You can invest for the future of education costs or son/daughter, as well as obtain health insurance.

Tips for choosing Islamic insurance Not only Muslims, non-Muslims who too joined the Islamic insurance because of its superiority. Various Islamic insurance company emerged. No need to confused to choose which is best for you.

Here are tips that you can do to get an insurance agent that is right for you and for the future of your family: Identify three or four Islamic insurance company that is in the town of AndaPilih with a referral hospitals in the cities often visit you and your family.Compare the advantages of the products we offer.Do you know of a company compared to pros standings of another company through a reliable and independent magazines like Investor Magazine, MajalahInfoBank and Marketing Magazine. looking for news in print or in electronic format, either in the form of praise or complaints against insurance companies, some participants as material consideration No one knows what will happen in the days to come. Therefore, they prepare to face all the possibilities. One of them, by investing in Shariah-compliant insurance. Give rating an article on crappy less usual nice nice Incoming search terms:

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