Fajr Capital welcomes new chairman

He joined the international Islamic investment firm at its sixteenth Board of Directors Meeting, on 19 May 2012.

Fajr Capital welcomes new chairman.


AlZamil is a senior member of the Zamil Group, which represents the interests of one of Saudi Arabia’s leading business families. He serves as Managing Director of Finance and Investments as well as on the group’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

Adib AlZamil will serve for three years and replaces the firm’s founding Chairman, Sheikh Ebrahim Al-Khalifa.

AlZamil said, “I am pleased to join such a visionary firm and a stellar set of peers on the Fajr Capital Board of Directors. I look forward to contributing to Fajr Capital’s aspirations.”

Iqbal Khan, CEO Fajr Capital, added, “Adib AlZamil is a widely respected business leader in the GCC region. He combines financial services with real economy expertise in the companies he leads in and outside Zamil Group, and he brings a strong execution focus at a critical phase of Fajr Capital’s growth.”

The Fajr Capital Board of Directors now comprises ten members from seven countries:

• Adib AlZamil, Chairman

• Abdulaziz Alsubeaei, Alsubeaei Group representative and HR Committee Chairman

• Nasser Alsubeaei, Alsubeaei Group representative

• Khalid Al-Sweilem

• Iqbal Khan, CEO

• Mohd Izani Ghani, Khazanah Nasional representative

• M. Atilla Kurama, Audit & Risk Committee Chairman

• Junaidi Masri, Government of Brunei representative

• Chris Masterson, Investment Committee Chairman

• Mike Powell

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