Why Wealthcity?

Fair and Competitive Pricing:

We, at WealthCity, conduct businesses in an honest and fair environment. We will work in a righteous manner to ensure a long term relationship with you. Accordingly, our investment horizon will also be on a long term basis with a minimum of 6 to 12 months*. We aim to quote you ‘inclusive’ of all costs, wherever possible, so that there would be no ‘surprise’ charges on any of our investment plans. Quality of service.

Our response times to client’s requests are second-to-none. The services are effectively managed through our unique automated system which enables us to monitor the status of any tasks at any stage. These results in faster response times and more information for you. Efficiencies generated by this system also help us maintain our significant pricing edge over competitors, whilst improving quality.

The foundation of our success is our ability to offer an extremely competitive pricing structure whilst maintaining quality of service.


We commit to conduct ourselves in a manner that will let us earn our clients’ confidence. Client confidentiality will be maintained as and when requested. Indeed, we are committed to excellence and make certain to win our clients’ trust and confidence.


We pledge an ongoing commitment to be informed on economic investment planning and individual stock issues. We have the ability to combine our knowledge with professionals to develop plans and ideas for the benefit of our clients.


Our ability to develop unique solutions in meeting our clients’ needs is paramount in our day-to-day decision-making. Whether it is online account viewing, team-based approach or on-site trading room, it is our goal to work hard to be a leader in the industry.

Accredited with Industry Associations:

WealthCity is fully registered with the Ministry of Company Affairs. Accreditation with these bodies is the recognized benchmark of companies that have established core competencies and reputable business practices.

*may be updated depending upon economic and market cycles